Ethics Statement

Kolcuoğlu Demirkan Koçaklı renders legal services to its clients with full transparency and honesty pursuant to world-standard business ethics. All members of Kolcuoğlu Demirkan Koçaklı show their best efforts to implement business ethics principles and practices referred to in this statement. The Firm will disclose to its clients any conflicts of interest, that may affect the Firm’s as well as the Firm’s members’ actions, and adopts all necessary precautions under the given circumstances, to eliminate such conflicts of interest. All members of Kolcuoğlu Demirkan Koçaklı perform their duties and/or use their authorities in a fair manner and with the utmost care expected from them and pursue each client’s best interests, observing the principles of good faith.

Kolcuoğlu Demirkan Koçaklı further declares that it will refrain from any actions and behaviors that may lead to corruption and that it will combat corruption and unethical transactions in all matters and projects undertaken for the Firm’s clients.

As a corporate member of the Ethics and Reputation Society (TEID), Kolcuoğlu Demirkan Koçaklı recognizes and exercises the principles set out in TEID’s business ethics declaration.