KDK Energy and Infrastructure

Energy and Infrastructure

Kolcuoğlu Demirkan Koçaklı has been at the forefront of this decade’s developments in energy and infrastructure. In 2011, Kolcuoğlu Demirkan Koçaklı was retained as Turkish counsel in the Shah Deniz Stage II Project, where our Firm left a significant impression on the international arena with its comprehensive legal knowledge and experience. Subsequently, in 2012, our Firm played a key role in one of the region’s most ground-breaking energy projects, the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP).

For the past several years, Kolcuoğlu Demirkan Koçaklı has been advising several international energy companies in very sophisticated projects, such as the Sinop Nuclear Power Plant, various electricity generation activities and renewable energy investments.

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